Captivating Online Courses

Who We Are

Jumpcut creates captivating online courses about entrepreneurship.

There are over 1.3 million college students in the United States today majoring in business, but the classes they take are hideously outdated, and irrelevant to their future careers. Business education is fundamentally broken.

Jumpcut is where the next generation of entrepreneurs will be developed. Our online courses help people develop the skills they need in order to turn their passions into a successful business.

Our first course is a comprehensive YouTube Influencer course, where the world's top influencers teach you how to create compelling, original content, develop a massive following online, and monetize your audience so that you can live a life pursuing your passions.

The Team

Kong Chief Executive Officer
Jesse Chief Content Officer
Peter Chief Operating Officer
Kel VP of Content
Jennifer Director of People and Culture
Brandon VP of Marketing
Jessica Senior Video Editor
Matt Video Editor
Sergiy Full Stack Engineer
Stephen Full Stack Engineer
Andrii Full Stack Engineer
Mahim Junior Writer
Terry Customer Success Senior Manager
Marianne Customer Success Manager
Iza Customer Success Champion
Hanna Customer Success Champion
Kara Customer Success Champion
Monic Customer Success Champion
Sofia Customer Success Champion
Claudine Customer Success Champion
Zen Customer Success Champion
Nick Technical Advisor
Bugsy Assistant to the Regional Manager

Employee Perks

Awesome Digs

A brand new office in the heart of Hollywood at Columbia Square.

Catered Meals Daily

We get lunch and dinner catered from top LA restaurants every single day.

Open Vacation

Your work, your rules. Take vacation whenever you need it -- we don't count days.

Unlimited Perrier

Keep hydrated. Stay fizzy. Increase work output by 150% sipping on the bubbly.

Stay Healthy

Literally the best PPO plan money can buy in California, plus a wellness program.

Get Here Easily

Commuter benefits and parking stipends to help you get to work.

Sweet Spot

The latest tech for all to use, from Airs to Blackmagics.

Create A Show

We've got the cameras, set, and equipment -- you've got the idea. We'll teach you how to create your own viral channel.

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