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What is Jumpcut Academy?

Our program is taught by actual social media influencers who do this for a living. Collectively, we have over 10,000,000 subscribers, billions of views, and have built multiple multi-million dollar businesses through social media.

Now, with Jumpcut Academy 2.0, we're going to teach you everything we know so you can follow in our footsteps. But know this: Jumpcut Academy enrollment is extremely exclusive. We only allow new students to enroll a few times every year. In fact, right now we're closed to the public. Why? Because this allows us to focus on what really matters: helping our current students succeed.

If you're interested in learning more and want to be notified the next time enrollment opens to the public, click the button below and enter your information on the next page. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at support@jumpcut.com. Hope to see you inside Jumpcut Academy!

Hear from Jumpcut Academy Members

4,000 Jumpcut academy members have found success.

I just wanted to thank the guys at Jumpcut. Without their guidance I would have never been able to get my videos over 500 views. I uploaded a video of mine to a bunch of blogs one night and in the morning I started to get a bunch of subscribers. Turns out my video was trending on Total Frat Move's homepage! In 24 hours I got up to 41,000 views!!! Holy shit. This is just the beginning. Thank you so much guys.

Aaron W.

Jumpcut Academy success story

This course has seriously gotten me off my ass and completely motivated to follow my dreams. I've been brainstorming like a **** and between two channels I got my first 8 videos mapped out... and plenty of ideas for more of the shit I'll be doing. ... Joining Jumpcut Academy has only fueled [my] motivation and made it CRAZY.

Vaughn W.

Student of Jumpcut Academy

I blew through all the videos and started implementing as much as I could, and I am SO amped to say that I have been PUBLISHED IN MY FIRST BLOG thanks to Aryia's... course!! Big shout to @Bart @Joe @Kong and @Aryia... the whole Jumpcut family thank you!

Michael C.

Jumpcut Academy subscriber

I got my first video feature and immediately gained subs as well as views! ... I gained over 500 views and 29 subs! ... Thank you to @Kong and @Aryia and everyone else involved.

Kosti K.

Jumpcut Academy Enthusiast

I started to really pay attention to our YouTube channel [when] we had about 300 subscribers. I just wanted to say thanks to the guys at Jumpcut Academy for creating such valuable content for the smaller YouTube channels who are just starting out! ... 2000 subscribers may seem like a small number to others, but it's a huge milestone for us :D.

Jewel T.

Jumpcut Academy lifer

@Kong @Jesse Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it and it means a lot. I've seen my channel start to get positive feedback thanks to Jumpcut in the last couple of weeks, hoping I can implement your feedback and see even more increases soon! My goal is to grow to 100k subscribers by the end of the year...!

Jim C.

Took the plunge on Jumpcut Academy

Honestly it's only been about 48 hours since I joined Jumpcut Academy, but words can't explain the amount of new found value that's been added to my everyday life with this community and the knowledge that I've been given. Makes me want to work and strive harder. If you're reading this and you just joined, let go of expectations and just become an open book. Listen to each and every thing that everybody has to say. And that's how you'll make the best out of this program

Tyler S.

Jumpcut Academy Active Member

Thank you Jesse and Kong, and also everybody else on the website. I initially started this website thinking "ill probably just check it out and end up taking jesse up on his offer and just use all the resources and then bail at 30 days and get a refund. Well, I am 100% NOT going to do that, cause I ACTUALLY learned so much from spam watching all the videos for 2 days. Especially since it had so much info. I was dying to get started so I did. Watching your tips and tricks made me hungry!!

Korey K.

Swears by Jumpcut Academy
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