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The Program

Who are we? Good question, random website viewer. We’re 7 of the world’s biggest YouTubers with tens of millions of fans all around the globe.

You can learn more about us below, but let’s focus on the real reason you’re here right now: you heard about our program — the world’s first-ever academy for YouTube Influencers — and you want to see what we’re all about. Correct? Then click the button below to get started with our free “YouTube 101” crash course.

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Stage 1

Social Media Secrets

Know how magicians never reveal their secrets? Well we’re not f*&king magicians. Get ready to learn all our “magical” strategies for making a living as a YouTuber.

Stage 2

Launch Your Own Channel

Step 1: Find your passions and interests. Step 2: Throw them into a blender. Step 3: Out comes a perfect channel idea that’s primed for success. (Blender sold separately.)

Stage 3

Viral Marketing Masterclass

No, this has nothing to do with H1N1. (But it’s a good idea to get vaccinated.) Instead, get ready to have your mind blown as you learn the art and science of virality.

Stage 4

Influencer Intel

You just got top security clearance to learn how the world’s deadliest secret agents err, successful YouTubers build massive audiences in the tens of millions without breaking a sweat.

Stage 5

Paid to Promote

Some people would call what we’re about to do “bragging.” We would agree. In stage five, you’ll learn to monetize your audience (aka. make money) the same way we do and we make millions.

The Absolute Best Instructors in the World

(Try to find better ones, we dare you.)

David So


David So
Subscriber count

1,400,000 SUBS

Video views count


Specialty: Comedy Vlogging



Subscriber count

900,000 SUBS

Video views count


Specialty: Blog Marketing

Joe & Bart


Joe & Bart
Subscriber count

1,600,000 SUBS

Video views count


Specialty: Brand Deals

Jesse & kong


Jesse & kong
Subscriber count

2,700,000 SUBS

Video views count


Specialty: Digital Products

If you've read this far, it means one of two things:

Either you’re really bored or you’re really into the idea of becoming a famous, highly-paid YouTuber that gets to follow your passion in life. Good news! Both of those are fantastic reasons to click the button below and sign up for our free “YouTube 101” training: