AKA Lingualizer.


Peter’s first attempt at starting a YouTube channel, teaching people the psychology behind good music playlists, failed miserably.

After joining Viral Academy and testing half a dozen ideas, he finally found a channel direction that utilized his passion for learning languages.

Now he’s the creator of multiple viral videos with over 1 million views. He works for himself and has the inner satisfaction of knowing he’s truly made it.

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Hitting Rock Bottom

One day, Peter’s friends hit him up with an odd suggestion.

They told him he should become a YouTuber. Which, at the time, he thought was nuts.

See, at the time, Peter curated music playlists as a hobby. And his friends all loved listening to them. They thought that because he had a great taste for music, his talent would be put to good use on YouTube.

This got Peter thinking: That’s not a bad idea. I do enjoy making playlists, and if they think I’m good, I’m sure others will too.

Turns out, that sparked a lightbulb moment for Peter.

He thought: What if I make a channel where I teach people the psychology behind creating a great music playlist? I’m sure there are people who would find videos like this super valuable.

It sounded like a genius plan to him...

He imagined: “People are going to LOVE my playlists.”

But unfortunately... it didn’t turn out to be as simple as he hoped.

Peter’s first video attempts gained a measly 100 or 200 views at most. It was pretty depressing.

Why did they fail to go viral? He didn’t realize it at the time, but now Peter knows… frankly, it’s because his content sucked.

Take a look for yourself:

This video was bound to fail for three reasons:

  • The title is unclear/not eye-catching. The viewer doesn’t know what “boost party motivation” even means until after watching.
  • The introduction to the video takes 55 seconds -- way too long -- before he gets to the “meat” of the content.
  • The core of the video is just songs playing with text on the screen. That’s not engaging or entertaining at all, right?

Peter knew that he needed to revamp his content if he was going to be successful. He knew his videos weren’t exactly Casey Neistat level, but he didn’t know exactly how to create highly engaging content.

Sure, Peter could have just kept on trying forever. (He’s a super motivated guy, and no matter what, he wasn’t going to let a setback stop him.)

But he was shooting in the dark. Peter had no idea what type of content would go viral.

In his own words, Peter wanted a “step-by-step system that really took the guessing game out” of creating a successful YouTube channel.

Enter: Jumpcut

A few months later, Peter stumbled across an ad for Jumpcut. His hope of finding a step-by-step formula for YouTube success had finally come true. So, as you can probably guess, he enrolled as quickly as he possibly could.

Soon after enrolling in Viral Academy, Peter realized that he needed to rethink his channel idea. So he started brainstorming a bunch of different ideas.

He originally started off making life hack videos, but that idea failed.

So did tutorial videos.

So did reaction videos.

And when they failed, they REALLY failed:

At that point, Peter’s biggest fear started to come true...

He was running out of ideas.

Most people would have quit after seeing their first videos fail, especially if they’d made over 20 videos as Peter had.

Yet, this wasn’t going to stop Peter. He stayed confident in the process, particularly because the of support of the Jumpcut community.

Peter attributes the constructive feedback and encouragement from specific users, like Ransyn, Catonic, and Kokaza118, as the biggest game-changer for his progress.

  • Ransyn was the community moderator and video production professional.
  • Catonic was the go-to gaming expert.
  • Kokaza was the go-to guy for harsh, yet useful feedback.

These were the people Peter valued the most, because they were “willing to give you value without expecting anything in return.”

On top of that, he used every Jumpcut asset he had at his disposal - namely the Bootcamp and Video Review features.

Take a look at this one video he posted in the Video Review system.


He might have posted a score of only 59/100, but he received some very useful advice: Replace the word “Polyglot” with “How to Say.”


How spot on was this advice?

Let’s just say the results speak for themselves...


This video turned out to be Peter’s BIGGEST success yet, getting over 2.4 Million views.

Four months of constant iteration and testing later, he finally found his channel idea: saying common phrases in over 30 languages.

A Path Towards True Freedom

Upon finding his direction, Peter was primed to reap the rewards of his hard work.

He now has over 20 million total views and is still growing.

Along with that, his achievements include:

  • Over 200,000 subscribers
  • Making over $1,000 per month from Adsense alone
  • Being featured on blogs like LADBible and DailyMail

Not to mention, Peter made a version of Marvel’s how to say “I Am Groot” in multiple languages video that got more views in a week than Marvel’s did in 3 years.


(3 years vs. 1 week? Nice try, Marvel.)

His video received over 987,000 views in 1 week.

How crazy is that?

Now, maybe you’re wondering: What does it feel like to have success on YouTube?

Well, this quote from Peter really sums it up:

“FINALLY! HOLY GOD DAMN SH*T! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Literally a dream has just come true for me! I'm experiencing such fast growth and such a crazy journey, there are a few moments in which I literally can't believe what's going on currently. And of course, Jumpcut and its community were/are the basis for achieving such success.”

Needless to say, he’s pretty pumped. Who wouldn’t be?

He works for himself and doesn’t need a 9 to 5 job anymore to make a living.

He does what he wants when he wants.

He has true creative freedom.

And that freedom is best summarized by a fun fact that Peter’s quite proud of:

Guess how many times Peter’s gotten up before 9 AM in the last 3 months?

Not 5 days a week, like the vast majority of the world does.

Not once a week.

Not even once a month…

One time. One time in THREE months. And it was just to take a test for class.

Talk about living the good life...

But just because has Peter made it, doesn’t mean he’s no longer part of the Jumpcut community.

Peter still participates in the forum as often as he can, so he can contribute to the value that’s being shared in the Jumpcut community.

He even shared an entire post detailing his entire journey to success, chock full of advice and first-hand insight:

peter-7.pngFull post can be found on

Moving forward, Peter’s looking to make his Lingualizer channel into a real business.

He’s currently exploring other monetization methods like Patreon, and, with the help of Jumpcut’s Automated Income Machine course, selling digital products.

Here’s what Peter has to say to anyone considering Jumpcut to kickstart their channel:

“Jumpcut can take you from point A to point B faster, but it’s up to you to put in the work. Don’t blame the community or the information [for your lack of success.] It’s up to you at the end of the day.

Overall, [the biggest thing is] not being afraid to express yourself. It’s fine if you want to censor yourself, but don’t be afraid to do things other people won’t like, regardless of your content, or who you are. You will regret it.”
- Peter

He also told us his #1 tip about becoming successful on YouTube:

“If you can upload [a video] at least once a week, even if it’s pure shit, do it. You shouldn’t care about what others think. Upload to practice.”

If you’re someone ready to work hard and persist to finally achieve your goals as a creator, then follow in Peter’s footsteps. Take our free YouTube Influencer 101 course: