AKA Gumbino


Olivier has never had any interest in going to college and pursuing a traditional career - he has always wanted to become an animator.

Through Jumpcut, he found a way to make money through animations: Video Game Parodies.

Living as full time creator, Oliver now has over 500,000 subscribers and is making enough to purchase his own home.

Growth Rate: Gumbino
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Dealing With the “Haters”

Growing up, Olivier’s dreams were never supported.

At home, his family was concerned that he wasn’t planning on going to college.

At school, his teachers told him to stop drawing in class because “you’re not going to draw in your job.”

If you’re a kid who gets told no as many times as Olivier has, your confidence is destroyed.

But Olivier didn’t want to work a “safe” retail job his entire life -- he wanted to be an animator.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy.

Olivier had been struggling with creating animation videos on YouTube for over 4 years.

His videos barely scraped a couple views because, to be frank, they were crappy:


When the only person watching videos is you, there’s an issue:

“I would get 12 views on 12 videos, and all of them were probably from me just refreshing the page. It was just bad...”

He got so desperate that he begged people to “COMMENT, PEOPLE, COMMENT!”

It was embarrassing.

And, since his animations weren’t showing any real promise, Olivier’s doubters seem to have legitimate concerns.

If Olivier was going to change anyone’s mind about his career path, he needed to find a way to make animations a sustainable income.

A Chance to Prove the Doubters Wrong

One day, Olivier stumbled on an ad for Jumpcut.

Instantly, he was hooked by the marketing and ended up spending most of the next week going through the free training videos.

From the free content, he was able to spot a few key mistakes he was making. And that’s why when he learned about our full, premium course -- Viral Academy -- he knew he was at a vital crossroads in life.

He had two clear paths in front of him:

On one hand, he could not enroll, continue making shitty videos, keep getting criticized by his family, and stay exactly where he is in life.

And on the other hand, he could take a chance on Jumpcut, give himself the best shot at reaching success and potentially realize his greatest dream in life.

It wasn’t an easy decision by any means - Oliver could barely afford the membership at the time.

As he was going back in forth in his head, he remembered all his teachers telling him to stop drawing in class because he would never draw at his job.

And those thoughts made his decision clear.

Oliver was going to prove all the doubters wrong -- He enrolled in Viral Academy and got back to work.

Relentlessly Trying To Go Viral

From day 1, Olivier used Viral Academy religiously.

On top of just learning from the Viral Academy course, he’s had over 1,100 posts on the forum.

Olivier’s posts ranged from getting advice about T-shirt selling to getting video feedback to even giving advice to others.

Talk about an engaged student, right?

In fact, he was so engaged that we made him a community moderator.


Even though results were hard to come by at the very beginning, all that consistent engagement in the community eventually paid off.

After a few months of work, Gumbino went from getting 100 views per month to over 4 million views per month.

His first huge viral hit, Ash finds out there are more than 151 Pokémon," seamlessly implemented a ton of Viral Academy lessons.

This video succeeded because:

  • He utilized a trending topic, which was Pokemon GO at the time
  • He uses one of the Jumpcut traits of Virality: a unique, adult take on Pokemon, a children’s game.
  • The video is entertaining and elicits humor in the viewer.

Olivier’s Massive Success

The Gumbino channel now has:

  • 576K YouTube Subscribers
  • Multiple videos with over a million views
  • Two highly successful video series

Remember how Olivier barely afforded the Jumpcut membership?

Well, that same guy can now afford buy himself a 6-figure home, if he wanted to.

He recently booked an all expense paid trip for his family, who couldn’t be more proud. His mom, who was particularly worried about his choice not to go to college, is now his biggest supporter.

Talk about an insane 180 degree turnaround…

And the people who have the pleasure of watching his animations every week are huge supporters as well. Olivier very pleased with the impact he’s had:

“I love the positivity that my videos bring to people. Just me working at home can entertain so many people.”

Moving forward Olivier has shifted his focus from creator to entrepreneur.

He’s actively exploring new ways to grow Gumbino as a brand and business, such as generating more traffic for his website and implementing other Jumpcut monetization methods.

Specifically, he plans on creating an animation course for his audience with the guidance of Jumpcut’s online business course, Automated Income Machine

Olivier’s Advice to You

If you want to know what it takes to become a successful YouTuber, here’s what Olivier has to tell you:

“I can’t stress this enough. You NEED to stay consistent. Don’t miss any days. If you’re under 100k subscribers, and you miss a single day, it’ll hurt you more than you think. At least creates something and put it up, even if you don’t have anything to share.”

Needless to say, there won’t be any more teachers telling Oliver to stop drawing anytime soon.

If you’re an aspiring animator who’s craving a life where you live your passion every day, you’d be insane not to check out our free YouTube 101 crash course: