better known as OllieB


Music has been Oliver’s life long passion since he was young, but struggled to make it his career.

Once he found Jumpcut, he was confident that he now had a real roadmap to a successful music YouTube channel.

His online persona, OllieB, has garnered over 500 Million views across his social media platforms.

Growth Rate: Ollie B
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A Life Long Dream

From the carefree age of 12, Oliver knew his one true life passion:

Making music.

See, Oliver was in a rock band from age 12 to age 22. For most kids aspiring to become musicians, that’s a great first step.

But it wasn’t enough for Oliver. He wanted to become a multi-talented phenom.

He started learning piano on top of his regular rock band jam sessions.

He joined choir at school to develop his vocal skills.

He even majored in Music Education because he wanted to be in the music field that badly.

Oliver was obsessed. Music was his everything.

But as most aspiring musicians will tell you, the path to success isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The Failed Quest for Musical Virality

In the summer of 2015, an eager Oliver moved to Las Vegas to officially start his music career.

Primed to pursue his passion full-time in the Vegas deserts, he decided YouTube, was the most logical platform to build his audience.

Thus, he set out an ambitious goal for himself:

Making viral music videos.

It was Oliver’s hope that viral music videos would get start his music career and allow him to become a full-time artist much sooner.

But, as motivated as he was, Oliver quickly realized how extremely hard it is to make it as an artist.

For the next 15 months, Oliver barely scraped by juggling his day job as an Uber driver with his music career.

He described it as:

“You have to be an adult to pay your bills AND make it as an artist. You have to work twice as hard as a normal person.”

And that’s just one of the frustrations Oliver dealt with...

On top of that, he had no idea how to create a viral hit. His videos weren't nearly good enough to grab people’s attention -- just see for yourself:

Who would watch a cover with just lyrics from someone they’ve never heard of?

If he was going to see some success, Oliver needed to completely shift his approach.

Viral Academy: A Real Roadmap to Success

Fortunately, a good friend of Oliver’s recommended him a program called Viral Academy.

It seemed like a perfect opportunity for Oliver to get some sort of roadmap he can follow, so he gave it a shot.

Soon after enrolling, Oliver realized he struck gold.

The step-by-step program gave him the exact blueprint towards building a successful YouTube business. Everything including:

  • How to generate ideas using the brainstorming guides
  • How to create viral videos with the content scorecard
  • How to improve his content using the Jumpcut Peer Review system
  • How to market his videos with the Blog Targeting Strategy
  • How to monetize his audience, using the 6 Monetization Methods

That’s the most valuable thing he says he’s received from Viral Academy:

“Having that direction and path towards a successful Youtube channel. You’re not lost in the ocean - you have a simple path to follow.”

And through following that roadmap, regularly participating on the forum and constant video making, Oliver cleverly combined his passion with his day job to find his channel direction.

And thus, OllieB, the nerdy Uber driving rapper, was born.

That character has been the foundation of Oliver’s success ever since.

Remember those problems with marketing and generating ideas?

Well, check out kind of content OllieB has been putting out:


Does that look like someone who struggles to go viral?

Quest Complete - Viral Music Success

What’s even crazier is that those 3 videos only scratch the surface of Oliver’s success. Since going through Jumpcut, Oliver has:

  • 784K Facebook Followers
  • 396K YouTube Subscribers.
  • Over 500 Million views on his most viewed Facebook Video
  • Videos featured on celebrity Facebook pages like Lil Wayne, Ludacris, and Tyga.
  • Articles written about his videos on ViralHog, CommunalLife, HuffingtonPost, and more.
  • Been featured on the TV show RightThisMinute.

Pretty impressive, right?

And while all the huge view counts and countless publicity is cool, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences Oliver has had are even cooler.

On any given day, the OllieB character will get recognized on the street around 5 times on average.

OllieB also hosts “Uber concerts” for his fans, where they pay to receive an in-car concert while Oliver drove them to their destination.

He even headlined his own live music show in Canada, where people came out specifically to see him.

A dream come true for any aspiring musician.

The truth is, most Jumpcut students don’t reach the level of success Oliver has attained, but the ones that do always work the hardest.

Here’s why that is:

It’s because Oliver, like all of our biggest success stories, followed our program step-by-step and put in massive amounts of work. They all commit themselves to the process and stay persistent, despite any setbacks they face.

Oliver’s Thoughts and Advice on Success

How does this all feel?

Oliver says:

“It’s nice knowing my passion and my job are one and the same, more so than it ever had been. My art is something that’s real. It’s no longer a fantasy.

People care. Having real fans is nice. Sometimes I message or call my fans just cuz. It’s cool knowing that you can make someone’s day just by messaging them.”

Oliver was also cool enough to give this tip to any aspiring musicians out there:

“Be Different. That’s the most important thing. I think being different is almost more important than being good. You can make a great song as a musician, but there are so many great musicians so you have to put a spin on it. The person that’s different is going to get more notoriety”

That’s pretty awesome.

If music is your life-long passion, like it is for Oliver, you would be crazy not to check out our free YouTube 101 course: