Jahtna was tired of her 9 to 5 lifestyle and had already failed once on YouTube.

Desperate to make it work, Jahtna joined Jumpcut to give her YouTube dreams one last shot.

Her channel now has over 500,000 subscribers and she’s making a full time income.

Growth Rate: XoJahtna
These are real success stories from our students, but you should not expect the same results. Building an online business (and/or YouTube channel) takes hard work, dedication, and significant time. There is no guarantee that you will be successful or make any amount of money. Students featured in dedicated testimonial videos were compensated.

A Failed First Attempt

Jahtna was always wired differently.

She could never imagine herself working a 9 to 5 job. Slaving away for some selfish boss, with mediocre pay and zero creative freedom.

But that nightmare scenario become a harsh reality for her.

She had no choice - her business degree didn’t help her get a job, so she had to take retail jobs just to make ends meet.

These were jobs that weren’t going to help her achieve ANY of her creative goals, so she sought an alternative path:

Becoming a YouTube Influencer.

Countless creators turned their passions into full-time online businesses, so why couldn’t she?

Jahtna’s first attempt at a channel was creating nail art tutorials, which seemed like a great opportunity to show off her talents.

For two years, she spent 40 hours per week on her nail art channel on TOP of a 40 hour job.

And just when you’d think she found fulfillment, the unexpected occured.

She hated it.

“I didn’t like filming it. I didn’t like editing because I didn’t like my channel theme.”

And who could blame her? She was working twice as many hours for virtually no additional income.

“I wasn’t getting ad revenue, I didn’t land any brand deals, it was just frustrating”

It’s no wonder she quit YouTube. It was supposed to let her pursue a passion based lifestyle and escape from the 9-5 rat race — neither of which came true in her 2 years of work.

A 2nd Attempt, This Time With Help

As disappointed as Jahtna was that YouTube didn’t pan out, at least she had her job to fall back on right?



2 years after Jahtna quit her nail art tutorial channel, Jahtna got laid off.

At this point, she was in desperation mode. She needed to come up with a plan fast or she wouldn’t be able to financially survive.

Faced with an ultimatum, Jahtna decided to give YouTube one more shot.

But this time, she was all in. With no job to fall back on, she HAD to make YouTube work.

Jahtna got back to the drawing board and came up with a new channel direction: DIY’s and beauty hacks.

Luckily, around the same time she started her new channel, she found a video from her favorite creator, VitalyzdTV.

Vitaly talked about this new initiative he was part of : Viral Academy — a course designed by successful YouTubers for people passionate about turning YouTube into their full-time jobs.

Jahtna immediately faced a decision:

1) Continue creating YouTube content without any guidance, and hope her channel doesn’t meet the same fate as the first one.

2) Take the guidance from proven YouTubers and give herself the best shot at achieving her dream.

Jahtna knew she had to join. She was all-in. Anything that could increase her odds of success was worth pursuing.

So she did. And all it took to validate her decision was watching a few course videos:

“After watching a few Viral Academy courses, I definitely felt like I could make this a career. I needed advice. I didn’t have YouTube friends [for advice] so this filled that hole.”

The first step towards Jahtna improving her content was adding more of her personality to her content.

See, people watched her old videos for the information in the tutorial, not for Jahtna herself.

As a result? People felt no connection to her and thus, were way less inclined to comment on videos, much less subscribe to her channel.

That didn’t changed until she watched David So’s Art of Vlogging course.

“They commented on the video content — not me. After I started putting myself on camera, my videos started getting more traction.”

See, people need to relate to the person teaching them something in order to like them. Think of every class you’ve had growing up that you enjoyed the professor’s personality or teaching style.

The same applies to YouTube: People want a person to connect with.

“I always tried to be perfect on camera and that’s not really what people want. David taught me to be myself on camera. Because I wasn’t too comfortable, my audience wasn’t connecting with me.”
christian-1Taught by David So, who’s garnered over 1.4 Million subscribers on YouTube.

Becoming a more relatable influencer changed the game for Jahtna — the growth she experienced after the shift is staggering.


August 8th was Jahtna’s first day as a Jumpcut student. Her progression before and after are night and day.

More subscribers meant more views, which meant more income.

One of the best sources of income as an online influencer is brand deals with companies. They’ll pay you for a featured video in exchange for access to your audience.

You can literally 5x your income on YouTube, if you know how to negotiate properly.

“I knew you could make revenue on YouTube but I didn’t know you could make deals with such big brands.”

Lucky for Jahtna, she had the help of Viral Academy video “How To Make Bank With Brand Deals.”


How To Make Bank With Brand Deals - taught by JustKiddingFilms.

Implementing those tactics even DOUBLED the income she made with one of her past deals:

“It’s intimidating to speak to such a big brand. On my last brand deal, they tried to lowball me, and I used the negotiating tactics from the course How To Make Bank Off Brand Deals. They ended up giving me double!

If it wasn’t for Viral Academy teaching me how much I’m worth, I wouldn’t have been able to make this a career long term.”

Persistence Finally Pays Off

To date, Jahtna has been one of the best Jumpcut success stories we’ve seen:

  • 569K YouTube Subscribers
  • 12 videos with over 1 Million views

Check out her top 3 videos:

  • 10 Hair HACKS You’ve NEVER Seen Before!! - 10 Million Views
  • 15 Beauty SECRET Hacks That Will Change Your Life!! - 7.6 Million Views
  • 8 “TMI” Feminine Hygiene HACKS You NEED To Know! - 5.1 Million Views

Jahtna’s now earning a 6 figure income — 5 to 6 times what she did working the 9-5’s she hated.

In fact, she paid off all her student debt with her first big paycheck.

That’s right — Jahtna no longer owes thousands of dollars to the business school that she says taught her less about business than Viral Academy.

How liberating is that?

Just ask Jahtna herself:

“It doesn’t feel like work anymore because I’m passionate about it and I love what I do. Sometimes it just feels like a dream the fact that I get to manage myself and I choose when I get to start working. It’s so liberating. I can honestly say this is the happiest I’ve been my entire life.”

Super inspiring.

Safe to say Jahtna successfully broke free from the 9 to 5 rat race and is living the life she’s always dreamt of.

Jahtna’s Advice To You

Here’s Jahtna’s advice for anyone considering starting a channel.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself - it helps your audience connect with you. Pick your channel theme very carefully. Make sure you’re passionate about it because if you’re not, it’s gonna feel like a job. And you don’t want to make it a job.”

If you’re tired of working a 9 to 5 job you hate, check out our free YouTube 101 crash course: