AKA Frugal Aesthetic.


Christian was tired of living the same routine life he’d always had: School, work, home, repeat.

Thanks to his friend’s recommendation, he found Viral Academy, which led him to create a thriving fashion YouTube channel.

Thanks to his 400,000+ subscriber channel, Christian dropped out of college and makes 6 figures as a 20 year old.

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A “Basic” Lifestyle

Before Christian created Frugal Aesthetic, he “would wake up, play video games, go to work, come home, and train MMA. That was the routine. School, work, home, repeat - not really getting anywhere.”

At 18 year old, the future he envisioned for himself was bleak.

“My biggest frustration was not knowing what I’m doing with my life. I was going to school, not really laser-pointed at any one goal. It was a basic life -- uninteresting and routine.

When you look back at the last few months, and every day looks the same, that's when you know there’s a problem.”

Christian had to make a decision.

Does he continue going down this aimless path and live a mediocre life?

Or does take a chance to do something extraordinary that most people only wish they could.

And that got him to think: Why not make a YouTube channel?

Given his background, it made complete sense:

“I took graphic design in school and I knew how to edit. I found these parts of my life that I wasn't doing anything with and then put them in a basket. Why not use them for a YouTube channel?”

Once his goal was solidified, Christian shared it with one of his friends.

Turns out that friend knew about Viral Academy and recommended him the program.

Christian took his friend’s advice and decided to check it out.

It didn’t take him long to realize that Viral Academy wasn’t just the perfect step-by-step YouTube business course.

It was backed by both Simple Pickup and JustKiddingNews, two channels he grew up watching. He knew that if those guys were involved, the program was legit.

Jumpcut: An Opportunity to Achieve Greater Things

There are two kinds of people that join Viral Academy:

  • People that think they’re going to get 1 million views overnight.
  • People who follow the course step-by-step and take consistent action.

So which category did Christian fall into?

After joining Jumpcut, he watched every single video in the span of 3 days.


Every. Single. One.

Talk about dedication, huh?

And that’s not all -- he actually did all the assignments along the way:

“I still have them actually. I would do the exercises and it did help a lot. It places you in better headspace that lets you narrow your focus.”

Needless to say, Christian was the right kind of student.

That’s not to say it was easy for him -- Christian would be the first one to tell you that doing the assignments and creating videos was a lot of hard work.

He didn’t find his success in just 3 days, a week, or even a month. It took about 5 to 6 months before he actually started seeing traction.

All that work paid off once Christian found his channel direction:

Comedic fashion tutorials.

See, Christian had been a huge fashion enthusiast for years -- he knew all there was to know about the niche.

That made choosing a fashion-based channel a perfect way to combine his passion with his career.

Now that he had a direction, he needed to improve his video execution.

That’s where lessons from Viral Academy helped.

His all-time favorite course?

The Art of Vlogging, taught by David So.

christian-1Taught by David So, who boasts over 1.4 Million Subscribers
“I still use David So’s course to this day to kick myself in the ass to use more personality in my videos. You have to be extra in whatever you do, whether it be funny, awkward, weird. Being polarizing was the best advice I could have received.”

And if you check out his most popular videos to date, that polarizing personality is super apparent:

You’ll immediately notice:

  • Vulgar humor
  • A strong opinion on TechWear, and individual brands
  • Weird, yet hilarious video edits

By implementing advice directly from Viral Academy courses, Christian saw massive growth week after week:


A Mundane Life No More

With all that growth, here are a few of Christian’s milestones:

  • 510K YouTube Subscribers
  • 75K Instagram Followers
  • Adsense alone generates over $3500 a month
  • A recent t-shirt campaign sold over $40,000 and netted Christian over $25,000 in 3 weeks.

The coolest part, according to Christian was undoubtedly the people he’s met on this journey.

He now calls some of his biggest heros his friends now, whether it be Kong from Simple Pickup, Joe from JKFilms, The Fung Bros, etc.

christian-4Andrew from the Fung Bros.
christian-5Joe from JustKiddingFilms (who’s also a Jumpcut Instructor!)

To think that he could talk to his idols the same way he would talk to his buddies back home in Hawaii was just mind blowing.

All that success has resulted in 3 key life changes for Christian:

1. Lifestyle Freedom:

“You get to do shit - you get to travel, and do it because you want to. I can work from anywhere. I can go to Norway, create a video and no one would know. There are no chains holding me back. It’s just the freedom to do whatever you want to do.”

2. Financial Freedom:

“Just having the amount of money. A 20 year old shouldn’t have this much money haha. Going from the dollar menu McChicken to buying premium meals at McDonalds was more important than the ability to buy expensive clothes. It's the small things, I don’t have to worry about student debt or credit cards debts.”

3. Inner Confidence:

“My biggest plus is true confidence because in college/high school, there’s no reason to believe your special - you’re living the same life as everyone else. Being able to walk into a place knowing that, even if I don't tell anyone, it makes me feel like I have a chip on my shoulder. I’ve made it.

That makes it easier to network and be happy. No one can see it, but it’s just for me. I can walk around with my head up high chest out. I don’t have to prove it to anyone because I’ve already done it. Even without the finances, it’s ability to say that I’m fulfilled by a career path not many people can have.”

Christian’s Advice To You

Here’s some pretty unique advice from Christian that surprised even us:

“You have to act like you're already a big YouTuber from the start. You have to think you’re the shit so it translates in your content.”

Essentially, the confidence you exude in your videos will make your audience see you more as an legitimate YouTuber, and are more likely to come back for more content.

We couldn’t agree more.

Christian also touched upon the importance of being polarizing in your opinions, just like David’s course taught him:

“Find a topic where you know you’re gonna piss people off properly, because you can’t please everybody. At this point, fans or haters, are views. If you’re trying to be safe, you’re missing out on half of the audience. Just go in knowing that you’re going to piss people off. Controversy is good.

It’s easy to find people to please, but it’s a better a skill knowing who to piss off. Learn how to properly piss people off. How you go about that? That’s for you to figure out.”

Well said.

And here’s perhaps his most interesting thought on Viral Academy itself:

“I felt like because I have this program, I’m gonna become a YouTuber 100% guaranteed. Even if that’s obviously not 100% true, you feel invested and that placebo was almost enough to push me to work even harder.”

If you, like Christian, can’t bear the thought of living the same routine, day in and day out, you’d be insane not to check out our free YouTube 101 crash course: