This is not your average office job.

We’re a team of badass techies and creatives on a mission to change the paradigm of online education.

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We make
mindblowing online

Most online courses suck...unless you enjoy paying for monotonous lectures with a powerpoint slide or two thrown in. At Jumpcut, we ditch the traditional lecture-style course and utilize storytelling, cinematography, and soundtracks to make each course feel like a movie. To see just how much our courses deviate from the industry standard, hold down “c” on your keyboard while watching this video.

We all have a
“before Jumpcut”
and “after Jumpcut”
version of ourselves.

Everybody that works at Jumpcut has one thing in common: when they look back to the day they were hired, they don’t even recognize themselves. That’s because we approach personal growth a little differently.

Meet Kong, the CEO.

He’s a retired YouTuber, French Bulldog owner, sous vide enthusiast, and college dropout turned YC founder. Now, he spends most of his time changing the landscape of online education, one course at a time. If you want the tl;dr on Kong, watch this walking (one take) interview.