Jump into the YouTube Sponsorship Wagon Now, for Creators

YouTube ad revenue can be unrewarding for some content creators. Most creators don’t earn enough from ads to make a comfortable living. Savvy Youtubers know that having multiple sources of income is key. This is where YouTube sponsorships come in.

Sponsorships or brand deals are a more lucrative option. Unlike ads,  YouTube does not take a cut from these deals. Also, it’s easy.… Keep Reading

Leaving Sesame Street: YouTube as the New Digital Nanny

Children often spend hours glued to the television.

But times are changing.

Nowadays, kids watch online videos more often than they watch TV. Content creators have been taking advantage of a freely-available mass media sharing platform to make videos for kids. So, producers of children’s television shows face competition as more videos targeted for children become uploaded.

It seems that traditional television’s hold on the younger generation’s attention is growing weaker.… Keep Reading

Breaking Down Virality: How Do You Go Viral?

What’s all this with going viral?

One of our students raised that question. Because come to think of it, if you’re already making good content, getting a decent amount of views, and building up your channel, is it really so important to go viral?

Before we tackle virality and how you can go viral, we need to ask first, why do people want their posts/tweets/videos to go viral in the first place?… Keep Reading

How Much Do YouTubers Make? (Ads, Brand Deals, Merch, Donations)

A lot of people think making a living on YouTube is impossible. Society sees being a YouTuber as not having a real job. But, since many have turned their channels into successful businesses, people have started to wonder how much do YouTubers make from their channels.

It’s easy to find a plethora of articles about the richest YouTube millionaires by doing a quick Google search.… Keep Reading

Not Getting Any Views? Here’s How to Become a Successful YouTuber

You’re crazy. Who would want to watch you on YouTube?

We’ve all seen the tremendous rise in the number of YouTube channels vying for the attention of viewers worldwide. Some people just started their channel and are struggling to get a decent number of views.

Others assume that it’s too late to start a channel, as the market is saturated with YouTubers competing to get views.… Keep Reading

This is Why You Can’t Quit Your Job Yet: YouTube CPM & AdSense Explained

Shouldn’t making money on YouTube be easy?

You just put ads in your videos and voilà, it’s money in the bank, right?

But if it’s so easy why do you end up scratching your head trying to figure out why you’re earning so little?

You’ve scrutinized your AdSense reports to try and get to the bottom of what’s happening, but nothing seems to make any sense.… Keep Reading

Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 True Fans Predicted the Future of Online Business

Before we ever made a dollar as YouTube entrepreneurs, we used to think you needed an amazing, once in a lifetime idea to start a business.

And a rich uncle to “loan” you a bunch of money.

And an audience of millions to sell your product to.

It made starting a business feel so impossible.

But one day we read an article that shattered all of our preconceptions about being a creator.… Keep Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Starting A YouTube Channel

When my best friend Kong and I dropped out of college to start a YouTube channel, our friends and family thought we’d lost our minds.

I have to admit — starting a YouTube channel was Kong’s idea, and I thought it was idiotic at the time.

But after doing some research, we realized there were a ton of people who started successful YouTube channels without any experience:

No filming or editing skills.Keep Reading