Director of Marketing & Analytics Los Angeles, CA

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

—Dan Zarrella


Jumpcut is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup that creates cinematic online courses with the world’s biggest influencers.

The founding team at Jumpcut has years of experience creating binge-worthy content — we’ve created multiple viral YouTube channels that now have over 4.5 million subscribers and over 500 million views. We’re now taking that content creation experience and applying it to the monotonous world of online education.

If you’ve ever taken an online course, you already know that 99% of them suck. That’s because they all do the same thing: record a dry and uninspiring instructor who talks to the camera for hours on end. While this is fantastic for getting over an Ambien addiction, it’s atrocious for actual learning.

Think about what can be done with video: we have the ability to create things like Avatar, The Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones, but the status quo when it comes to online courses is this. In an ice cream parlor of unlimited flavors, every other online education company has opted for vanilla. We have our eye on the mint triple chocolate chip birthday cake cookie dough with strawberry whipped cream and banana nut sprinkles.

Our team is approaching online learning in a completely new way: combining educational content with compelling stories, captivating cinematography, creative soundtracks, and much more. The result is a beautiful course that feels like a movie. We believe the future of education lies in creating world-class content.

If you want to learn more about our vision, check out our blog post about the future of education:

Here’s a visual example of the difference between most online courses, and ours:


We’re looking for someone to run our paid advertising analytics at Jumpcut -- someone analytical, resourceful, and strategic, who will work with our core team to scale our revenue past the $20 million mark.

Your responsibilities will be centered around running, growing, and optimizing our 7-figure a year spend on paid traffic. Currently, we’re working with Facebook and YouTube, but we’d also like you to help us expand to Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, and any other ad platforms where there’s potential.

We do NOT require significant paid ads experience -- we have found that if you are smart and curious, have a head for analytics, and have previous strategy experience, you will be a great fit for the job. We will teach you the skill set from scratch, and you will help scale a venture-backed business. Experience is a nice to have, but NOT a must.

Finally, the job will require you not only to work closely with Kong (CEO) and Davis (Head of Ops), but across our other departments (engineering, production, operations) as well, in order to come up with strategies for growth.

The 2-year vision for this job is for you to run an entire team of marketers and analysts who are focused primarily on customer acquisition through paid channels.


  • Manage our paid advertising platforms on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc (over $200,000 in monthly ad spend)
  • Analyze the data and find areas for improvement and optimization to help 2x (or more) the ROI from our marketing funnels
  • Come up with data-driven ideas (and theories) for split-tests and work hand in hand with our CEO to see those come to life (new creatives, new angles for the copy, new audience demographics, etc.)
  • Dig through the internal analytics on customers and come up with data-driven ideas for how to improve the customer experience, LTV, lower refund rates, etc.


  • Extraordinary analytical skills and a love of large data sets
  • Incredible with excel
  • Familiar with social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • A surprisingly smart take on strategic decisions
  • A great culture fit

You will love this role if you:

Have a curiosity for how companies grow via paid ads (ever wonder how viral ads like Dollar Shave Club and Squatty Potty are made?)

Have a drive for wanting to be an expert at paid marketing (Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Snapchat, etc.)

Are a constant learner (e.g. you like to take online courses on your free time)

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