Customer Service Intern (Remote OK) Remote

“Customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”



Jumpcut is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup that creates cinematic online courses with the world’s biggest influencers.

The founding team at Jumpcut has years of experience creating binge-worthy content — we’ve created multiple viral YouTube channels that now have over 4.5 million subscribers and over 500 million views. We’re now taking that content creation experience and applying it to the monotonous world of online education.

If you’ve ever taken an online course, you already know that 99% of them suck. That’s because they all do the same thing: record a dry and uninspiring instructor who talks to the camera for hours on end. While this is fantastic for getting over an Ambien addiction, it’s atrocious for actual learning.

Think about what can be done with video: we have the ability to create things like Avatar, The Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones, but the status quo when it comes to online courses is this. In an ice cream parlor of unlimited flavors, every other online education company has opted for vanilla. We have our eye on the mint triple chocolate chip birthday cake cookie dough with strawberry whipped cream and banana nut sprinkles.

Our team is approaching online learning in a completely new way: combining educational content with compelling stories, captivating cinematography, creative soundtracks, and much more. The result is a beautiful course that feels like a movie. We believe the future of education lies in creating world-class content.

If you want to learn more about our vision, check out our blog post about the future of education:

Here’s a visual example of the difference between most online courses, and ours:


Are you a college student (or just have three months), and looking to work on operations for Jumpcut? We’re hiring now.

Your primary focus will be as a customer service representative and sales advocate. We get hundreds of emails a day from prospective customers asking us about signing up for our YouTube course. You’ll be on the front lines of that battle, helping answer every single person who emails in within 8 hours, and doing it with a personal touch.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. It might seem thankless, and you might be working in the shadows -- but you’ll be empowering the team more than you can imagine.

While answering emails will take up half your time, the other half will be process-oriented: you’ll learn the exact process we use to scale our customer service and sales systems here, and we expect you, after a few weeks working here, to contribute significantly to improving that process: writing better Zendesk macros, managing ticket triage, setting up views and triggers, and improving the new employee onboarding so that we can teach the new customer service representatives faster. If you’re really good, you might even move into a management role.

If you exceed all these basic responsibilities, you’ll be asked to contribute to other special projects that the business needs -- whether that’s writing blog posts, compiling data, contributing to research for business operations, or testing marketing funnels. We’re currently over 7 figures in ARR, and you’ll be able to see exactly how a venture backed company operates.

You’ll learn a little bit of everything, and leave the internship much smarter and more resourceful than when you started. Not only that, but you’ll have mentors your entire time here, and the top 10% will also see the possibility of full time employment at Jumpcut -- either immediately after the internship, or in the future.


  • Answering at least 30 emails an hour on customer service by learning our template+personalization process for tickets.
  • For high achievers: helping optimize our macros, triggers, and views on Zendesk, improving onboarding of new customer service representatives, and managing remote workers abroad.
  • For high achievers: helping with surge tasks and special projects for our CEO and COO at Jumpcut.


  • You must have great reading comprehension. 90% of customer service is about figuring out what question the customer is asking, and why. The better you understand that, the better your response will be. (E.g. if you got a good score on the reading comprehension section of the SAT, you’re in good shape.)
  • You must love collecting and organizing things. The more you like creating lists, sorting objects into categories of your creation, and reducing entropy, the more you’ll be great at this job.
  • You must understand how to empathize with people, and treat each person you’re responding to with equal respect.

A few logistical notes:

1. Unless you’re in Los Angeles, we expect this internship to be completely remote. You can apply even if you’re not in the US -- anywhere in the world works (and is even better, because a significant portion of our audience is abroad, it allows us to get 24/7 coverage for customer service).

2. The hours will be extremely flexible. We’ll communicate mainly through Slack, and secondarily through email and calls, so time zone isn’t as important, as long as there’s an hour or two of overlap every day to talk through issues real time. We also don’t do shifts, so you can work at your own pace, anytime during the day -- as long as you finish what you’re responsible during every 24 hour period.

3. We expect to hire more than one person for this role, so you can expect to work not only with Mahim and Peter, but get to know an entire team, and go through this together.

4. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. There’s a short application for you by clicking the button below.